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The Malays are not ready for PM Najib’s liberalisation policies

The Malays are not ready for PM Najib’s liberalisation policies

Well, that is how Bigdog heads off his post. And why does he believe so? Well, Mahathir too says so.

Well, I guess if you are one of the beneficiaries of UMNO's policies than of course you got to be weary about anything that undermines the assumptions upon which those policies are sustained. I can understand that Mahathir is forever on the watch for anyone who might call his lie and I can understand why he would not want liberalisation of the kind Najib appears to be introducing because it may soon actually begin to reveal to the Malays that they may have been living a lie after all from Merdeka and more so since the early 1970s.

It is not so UMNO. After all there are many wannabes in UMNO who have not gained anything at all. But there are the lot of the hangers on whose entire being is sustained on the perpetuation of that myth about the Malays. and if there are any successful Malays they have to be able to show their success to UMNO's intervention in their lives.

How wrong and how false. No sir. Its no compliment to all the Malays I have come across. Certainly not true of the honest taxi driver or the honest businessman who has made it thanks to his own honesty and acumen. Certainly it is not true of he many medical specialists that many of us have referred to. Yes, me too, for a repiratory problem that I had I saw a specialist. A Malay specialist. And when my Cardiologist friend from Sweden needed to see such a doctor for his son's ailment, I took him there too. to this Malay specialist. And my Swedish friend whose wife is a paedetrician, came out praising him.

Well, the rest below is what I commented in Bigdog's posting! I don't normally do this, but I have copy pasted from that post here because if it is cleverly edited I can be made to sound rather racist. So, I might as well have it posted here as well in my blog which they will not be able to do anything about. Woof!! woof!!:

This comment posted in Bigdog's blog.

Yes! I agree with you the Malays will never be ready for the kind of liberalization that Najib appears to have unleashed on the Malays. This is certainly going to mean the little that they have come out of the shell, has gone to waste as they will now all recede right back to where they feel very safe. Just like tortoises and all those shell fish.

Yes the Malays have got to be repeatedly told that they need the handicap that they possess otherwise the non-Malays like this writer will only take easy advantage of them. It is just not possible for the Malays to move up life's social and economic ladder without all that they have had over the last 51 years!

The Malays have to ask, what were they before Merdeka. Better still, what were they before 1970? Yes, they were Javanese, Sumatrans, Bugis, Minagkabaus, Tamils, Malayalees, Siamese, Yunanites, Kelatanese, Patanese and what have you.

Yes, it was the constitution that brings them all together as one. Its not because they are of any common genetic stock. No sir. Its not biological. It is a political notion and an idea. And the Malays owe it to this idea and they owe their existence and their privileges and handicaps to that idea. If it had been biological, then Malays would have had wings, and they'd have bionic limbs and eyes and ears and they'd all be singing and dancing like Michael Jackson as wished so for them by UMNO!!

Yes, that is what UMNO would like you all to think. UMNO would like all Malays to think and to believe that they are indeed handicapped. That it is UMNO that equalises for them the unfair advantage that the others are supposed to have because of some God manufactured distortion that just happened to them.

Yes, that is what UMNO assumes when making its position known. It is the position that UMNO takes of its flock. It is the position that UMNO sees as the only justification for its existence.

This is the position and the assumption that has to exist in order to validate Mahathir and his thinking and his policies. Remove these assumptions about Malays and everyone would see Mahathir's lie. Mahathir himself will see how valueless he really was over his 22 years as the premier. Does that explain for you why Mahathir is aghast about this liberalisation of Najib's?

Not too long ago I gave Mahathir till the year end before he begins demonising Najib like he did Badawi. It now looks like at least Badawi had more than a 100 day honeymoon before he saw Mahathir's venom. Can someone tell the old man to just go to hell?

Hey, I am not anti-Malay. I am more sympathetic really. Sympathetic because there are a lot of them out there who actually believes the bullshit that UMNO espouses to them about them. I cannot believe any of the attributes that arise out of the assumptions about Malays apply to people like the host of this blog or Rocky or any number of my Malay friends whose personality, and whose individuality I can only envy and be proud that they would count me as a friend.


At July 8, 2009 at 6:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You can argue better without having to resort to blame and accusation.

You are losing grasp wioth fair arguments. Getting old?

At July 9, 2009 at 12:51 AM, Blogger Old Fart said...


I agree. It was an angry post. The cliche is so tiring.But its about time to call out the culprits. Without naming and shaming these guys they don't stay where they belong. They keep coming back to wreak havoc because a liberated Malay is of no use to them. And they can't have that. What is so annoying is they have no respect for those they claim to fight for.

At July 9, 2009 at 8:21 AM, Anonymous Same Anon said...

There you go again.

You are sounding like Anwar facing a sodomy charge who can't stop repeating accusation of conspiracy, lay blame everywhere, and talking in generality and rhetorics.

It does not serve your cause and you have even exegerate things.

The man is just concern for his race. Who better know and concern of the problem within his race if not a Malay?

Will the like of you perjuangkan nasib orang2 Melayu? I would be lucky if you do. I am not blaming you but it is a natural god given inclination to have more concern for your own kind.

The Malays are expecting a backlash from non Malays if Pakatan come into power. They are not truly in power but already their vocal demand is crowding.

Malaysians struggling for Malaysians? Or does the term Malaysian a guise for the meaning non Malay?

This country is heading for a serious mess. All becasue we are opening up pandora boxes.

At July 9, 2009 at 1:39 PM, Blogger Old Fart said...


Apparently you are one of those I described in the last paragraph of my posting. So naturally you will be in denial. The fear you possess is the same kind that Hitler instilled in gaining the blind support of the Germans. It is the same kind of fear instilled in you from the time you were a child that you naturally see enemies when you see your neighbour. Your life is guided more by these fears than the liberty that you ought to rightly feel. all I can tell you is to go out there and have a life man. You don't have enemies who want to take away everything that you have. But it is useful to UMNO's leaders that you actually believe in that shit anyway.

At November 13, 2009 at 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are old, and you are grey, now STFU.


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