Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If UMNO was perceived to be the right, PAS conservatives would have been between the far right and right. the 'Erdogans' on the other-hand would, in my reckoning be left of right with a dose of the far right.

Far right of course in the Malaysian context is hard to explain within the context of fight and left as liberally used in Western Democracies.

The far right in the Malaysian instance would appear to have surrendered its fate and future to what is perceived to be "righteous and holy". This is determined by whoever in PAS has gained for himself the honour of being recognised as the righteous. As it is, it would seem like for the moment Tok Nik Aziz might have a problem claiming exclusivity to that title. Though not spoken, surely PAS President, Hadi Awang as well as his deputy Nasharuddin, by their actions and words sound rather dismissive of Nik Aziz's claim.

That being said the results of Manek Urai are going to be telling on holding PAS together. Each side is going to blame the other. Certainly the far right in PAS is going to find comfort in believing and telling themselves that this is a punishment from God for parting from his ways by working closely with PKR and DAP. The "sacrifices" made to accommodate PKR and DAP are unacceptable to God!!

The "Erdogans" can alternatively support their position by saying that the people have spoken. When you want to have "unity talks" with UMNO then what you are saying is you want to equalise things with UMNO. Then what difference does that make for the people, whether they vote PAS or UMNO? People of Manek Urai probably don't see the non-Malays as a factor or perceived enemies or competitors for their prosperity.

I reckon the Manek Urai results are going to drive the wedge further dividing the two clearly distinct wings in PAS. Any attempts to bring these two wings together will probably only result in a very damaging fight that might bring out the extremes to clash in a way no one has pondered. To keep quiet will only eat away at them and not achieve for PAS any clear goals for themselves.

Managing the fall out is whats' going to make PAS make or break. Is Nik Aziz the recommended arbiter? I don't think he is. He has already clearly stated his position as to where he is. I wonder who!


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