Monday, March 03, 2008

Makkal Sakthi- See It Through!

Fellow Indians, you showed your resolve on 25th November 2007 when 30,000 of you took to the streets and stood tall through water canons and tear gas charges against you.

Once again on the 23rd January 2008 you rocked the country, especially the authorities when 800,000 of you failed to show up at Batu Caves! Now 800,000 is a number of people never before in this country ever to do something together to send a message. Never before and never again probably will there ever be 800,000 Malaysians collectively protesting and sending a message to the authorites that they have had enough.

Unfotunately for these 800,000 people, the fact that you were not where you usually assemble somehow seems to have been missed by everyone. Conveninetly The Star reported you having gone in large numbers to all the other Murugan temples around the country. But when it came to attendence at Batu Caves they could only meekly quote Samy Velu. And of course according to this moron he quoted something like 1.3 million people.

Until Thaipusam, Hindraf were supposed to be terrorists. since then they have stopped using that term. So what it is they are confined for is indeed a wonder. Just don't be surprised that at the last minute the Hindraf 5 are released without any charges and unconditionally. Why? To seduce you into thinking everything is alright and that now you should vote the BN once again.

Don't be cheated. Indians, just remember one thing, you don't need political representation. It was not political representation taht got V.K. Lingam to be able to twist the Malaysian judiciary for more than a decade around his little fingure. The indian diaspora is doing very well for itself everywehre else that it has gone to. And they are not politically represented. The one controlling the the world's largest steel production is Mittal, an Indian. Of course he is not South Indian Tamil like you. But Satyam and a few other IT companies are controlled by Tamils like you. Pepsi's CEO is Indra Nooyi, is Indian born and from Chennai. Guess what? She speaks Tamil like you and I. Indian-born Nooyi, who was ranked No. 11 in Fortune's list of the most powerful women in business, joined the company in 1994 and was named CFO in 2001.

They all did it BECAUSE they were and they are not politically represented.

Samy says we need to be cotinually represented in the government and cabinet. WEll, eh, yes. We have been for the last 50 years. And see where and what it has got you. If you see me as having done well for myself, it is because I don't know any MIC member. If I had, then I'd be taking his advise and I'd have been waiting for him to bring me the promises that he has made to me. Just like most of you . Still waiting on MIC and its leaders to deliver on its promises.

Fact is other Malaysians, Malay and Chinese, have seen what you did on 25th November. They respect you for that. They don't realise that 800,000 of you did not turn up at Batu Caves to continue on with your struggle. If only they knew!! But now, more importantly, at every opposition rally, whether it is a Chinese, Malay or Indian crowd, there is one clear message that every speaker enunciates. Makkal Sakthi! Makkal Sakthi! Makkal Sakthi!

You started it. Now finish it. Vote DAP! Vote Keadilan! Vote PAS!


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