Sunday, February 03, 2008

In the Malaysiakini report Seven issues affecting the Indians Samy Velu, President of MIC, is quoted as having said "The Indians have very high expectations and are demanding from MIC greater inclusion, access and their rights in the socio-economic development on par with the other communities,"

Maybe it is about time Samy Velu is told "Leave us Indians alone!"

I would like to add and accuse MIC and Samy Velu that if today Malaysian Indians find themselves in an economic and social quagmire, that it is primarily because Malaysian Indians alone amongst all of the Indian Diaspora are politically represented within the political system of the nation.

Can Samy Velu tell us all why it is that with such political representation in the ruling government, unlike the Indian diaspora who have achieved such respect and wealth and control over their own economic condition, has failed to achieve for the Malaysian Indain in Malaysia any respectable economic role?

My own answer to this is that Samy Velu and his predecessors have over the years very successfully conditioned the Malaysian Indian to wait on MIC to deliver. Most are still waiting. Unfortunately it is the politics of patronage that has imprisoned the Malaysian Indian to his present contdition.

But wait. It is indeed not true that there is no hope for the Malaysian Indian. We are always asked to look at Ananda Krishnan and Tony Fernandez. If they can do it, surely the rest of us can.

But much as I keep reminding friends, it is so easy to forget that MIC does not serve either one of them and they are not caught by the waiting the rest of us may have been caught by. Ananda is a Sri Lankan Jaffnese Tamil. Woe be a Jaffnese Tamil who concedes that he is a member of the MIC! Tony Fernandez is a Malayalee. He and his ilk will not understand a word of the goings on in MIC. Only the late Pathmanathan made it in the ranks of MIC. Why he even bothered, I cannot understand.

MIC is a misnomer. It feins representing Malaysian Indians. Yet it only represents Malaysian Indian Tamils from Tamil Nadu. Even then it does not include any Muslim and only the rare Christian goes through. Yet it has hijacked the lives of the entire Malaysian Indian community and kept it at rock bottom with promises.

Unfortunately Samy Velu just does not get it. The recent conference in India that he attended claiming quite mistakenly to representing Malaysian Indians must have been most shameful for him if only he was sensitive enough to sense anything. He would have been the only Indian from amongst the diaspora in attendance who was from the ruling political party, or any political party for that matter, with such an obnoxious claim to leadership of an Indian diaspora community. He should have been a bit of joke to many and a totally misunderstood entity as most of the others would have been questioning the need for any Indian to be politically represented. And what must have been most confounding would have been the fact that those who he claimed to represent were the most in need for economic, social and educational upliftment.

It is not like as if Malaysian Indians are without hope. The Indian Diaspora who have migrated elsewhere have shown us all how it can be done and that we have what it takes. The last thing we need is political representation. Without political representation and each for our own we become King makers as many in the Diaspora find themselves in. MIC is nothing but a subservient servant that leads us to subservience.

It is time Malaysian Indians rise up and tell MIC to stop claiming that we are demanding anything from MIC. How can we demand anything from MIC and expect anything but subservience when MIC itself is nothing but a subservient party to UMNO! Being the champion subservient party it can only make us individually subservient when in fact we can be the master class. Just ask V.K. Lingam!


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