Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Do I or do I not? Its nice to be asked/told by those other great names in the Malaysian Blogosphere like Rocky and Zorro that I should blog....Yeh..so easy for you guys to say...hey I don't have the kind of resolve that you guys do. Ya, I know I have been commenting after all all this time and I could have spent all that time blogging.

But hey, this thought just flashed through me. Why should I feel guilty about not blogging? After all come to think of it I also write as much if not more than all your blogging put together. After all I do comment frequently in some blogs and very infrequently in some others and maybe yours too.

But do I want to commit to blogging consistently? What level of consistency or frequency? Ah..I hate answering these questions. I don't even know how to do the simplest thing like html linking anything to anything..and I got to start learning to do these things. At my age?....O.k. Zorro...you are almost 20 years older and if you can do so can I ...but you started 20 years ago o.k.! And I am the one with an interest in an IT company. Oh boy,what a ridiculous situation.

And if I do get to doing anything about this, am I going to abide by any theme? Ah....no....there is no rule here..so why should I submit myself to any theme? Why should I even care if anyone reads this or even if they do, that they will like it. I write for me. Not for you! I write here for my record, not for your record. I write for my reference, not for yours. It is my thoughts for my review, not for you to ponder over or even be bothered with. This is my page and not yours or anyone elses.

If you insist on commenting, Your coments are yours. You write to try and influence me to think otherwise and not Ah Chong, Ali or Marimuthu. Please don't be patronising or get condescending with me. This is my blog and that is my department. When you write anything nasty you write it in reference to yourself. So if you accuse me of being a pig, you really are saying that you are the pig. Similarly when I say Mohamad son of Mohamad is a shameful creature I am really saying that I am the shameful creature. But that is how I write and that is how you write it here too.

By any stretch of your imagination if you think you understood what I just said, then bollocks to you and lets just get on with it.



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