Monday, November 19, 2007

The May 13 Threat Bogey Dissipated!

UMNO leaders when needing to threaten the masses, especially those they have frequently threatened to have their blood bathe in UNMO's drawn kerises, have always relied on the threat of another May 13 to do the honours for them. The 1999 General Election was a case in point. It was then that there was the Barisan Alternative and it all looked formidable and the BN rightfully looked shaken. Then a matter of a couple of weeks or so of the GE, the threat was issued that if the BN did not win as well as always, May 13 could happen.

Now, after all the structural changes that have been put in place since 1969, the ones who would be most intimidated and threatened by such a threat would be none other than the non-Malays; the Chinese and to a lesser extent, the Indians. It worked. The DAP lost bad. Lim Kit Siang and Karpal lost their Parliamentary seats. But this threat was not directed at Malays. Surely not. The Malays were not intimidated. PAS won handsomely. They even won a second state, Terengganu and almost won Kedah.

The 1999 General Election was useful for showing one thing. UMNO needs the non-Malay vote badly, more so than the Malay votes to win. The Malay vote is basically unreliable as it can be equally divided and neutered and therefore of no consequence to UMNO in many of the constituencies, more so in the urban areas.

There are two demons that threaten and therefore can guide a non-Malay's actions, especially at the polling booth. Threat of May 13 and the other is Islamic State.

The 2004 General Elections had the non-Malays shrouded with the threat of Islamic State. After all, after PAS' greatest victory ever, they did come out with their Islamic State Document. This threat was not of UMNO's making. It was PAS. DAP decided to go it alone without the Barisan Alternative that now was made up of PAS and Keadilan.

PAS got hit bad. They lost Terengganu and almost lost Kelantan. Keadilan came off with just one Parliamentary seat. What happened?

Would I be right to say that the Chinese and non-Malays dumped the Barisan Alternative? It might just explain the sizable victories of BN candidates in a number of constituencies. Even a number of Malay/Muslims might have been frightened off the Islamic State prospect. The non-Malay votes would have moved across to the BN. Of course, to some extent the non-Malay voters too may have forgiven DAP, so that DAP ended up with a lot more seats in Parliament and State Assemblies. At the same time DAP should be reminded that their victories were not exactly very sizable victories.

We now read that DAP would not work with Keadilan if Keadilan was to work in any kind of coalition with PAS. Well, good on DAP. DAP has no choice but to stay by that stand. As for Keadilan, working with PAS would certainly not go down well with the non-Malays. Politically speaking they would still be in limbo. Going by the 10 November demonstration, it would seem like UMNO has made a lot of Malays angry as well. Who will be the beneficiary of that anger? If Malay votes have now become unreliable to ensure UMNO's victory, who do they call upon?

The 10 November Demonstration demonstrated one thing to those who were in attendance. There was absolutlely no thought of fear of a May 13 happening. We were Bangsa Malaysia. The PAS' Unit Amal Malaysia in their maroon shirt tops and dark pants caught our awe in their organisation and in the dischrage of their duties. We walked with them while they chanted Allah Hu Akhbar. No fear. No nothing!

Suddenly May 13 did not mean a thing. There was no need for May 13 anymore. Did I worry about May 13 in 1999? Yes. I may not have acted on that fear. But I know many who did. The previous two UMNO General Assemblies saw a number of UMNO Delegates referring to May 13 and a couple of them even unsheathed their kerises. But then the 10 November Demonstration had not happened. Those threats may have had some effect on some non-Malays. But 10 Novemebr has neutered that threat. Those 40 odd thousand people who were there would testify to that fact that none of us held any fear of the other or wished what UMNO has threatened on the other.

This is UMNO's greatest fear. For almost 40 years UMNO has been able to unite all Malays, including those in PAS, that their common enemy were the Chinese and to a lesser extent Indians. May 13 was such a racial riot where the only demarking difference beween friend and foe was the colour of their skin. The Chinese bogey man was a useful enemy to the UMNO elites. Does not matter if they were married to or their children were married to a Chinese. But citing Chinese, May 13, threat to NEP, Education, special rights, Ketuanan Melayu were all enough to conjure up in the Malay mind shadows of the Chinese enemy! That was all that was needed for the UMNO leader to get a sense of unity among the Malays. It worked. It has worked.

UMNO leaders know that all that lie that they had so successfully relied on was exposed to be nothing but a lie on 10 November. 10 November was not successful because a petition was sent to the Agong by some 40 thousand people. It was more successful in calling UMNO's lie. It was more successful in showing to all present that May 13 will never happen again and that it is not in our system or blood to see the other Malaysian who is not like us as an enemy. The May 13 bogey has been shown for what it really is.

Yes, May 13 could happen again. But its only beneficiary would be UMNO. Its only purpose would be to salvage UMNO. Its only purpose would be to rescue UMNO. Its only purpose would be to perpetuate UMNO's leaders. It will certainly not be needed to protect the Malays or to invoke a revenge for the Malays. After all it will be foolhardy for the non-Malays to start one, it has to be started by the Malays. But really? The Malay? Or would it be more right to say UMNO!

10 November could prove disastrous for UMNO because they may not be able to threaten the non-Malays with May 13 as at least for those who participated in that mobilisation we experienced no ill will to our other fellow Malaysians. UMNO could see, that left on its own its citzens saw each other as Bangsa Malaysia. This is just not good for UMNO.

UMNO needs to demonise the 10 November rally. They tried with the statement from the Palace's chamber maid citing the Agong. But that person now after being discredited as an UMNO card carrying member means that story is now shunted from being granstanded. Just like that story by the alleged rape victim of a former Malacca Menteri Besar that she was not raped by him. A one day wonder story to try and improve their standings in the 1999 General Elections.

Let us all unite and see each other as Bangsa Malaysia. As that is what we already are. Just that only some 40 thousand or so saw and expereinced it on 10 November.


At November 21, 2007 at 12:23 AM, Blogger Satya said...

Was redirected here from The People's Parliament. Never thought of 10/11 in this way till reading this, and the abridged version posted on Haris' blog. I couldn't agree with you more, now that I've read this.

A side note: I think the "Islamic State" bogey is now coming back to bite UMNO in the a*se, for obvious reasons of their own creation. Given a choice between a BN and a PAS candidate, I'd vote for PAS if I thought the candidate was decent, despite having serious idealogical issues with them. Their version of the Islamic state suddenly seems the more tolerant of the 2. For the moment anyway. What they might do should they be emboldened by victories in the upcoming elections remians to be seen of course.

PS: Please do post here more often. From your comments on The People's Parliament it's clear that you have many things to say worth reading. Glad I discovered this blog. Will be looking this way with interest from now on.

At November 21, 2007 at 1:41 PM, Blogger Old Fart said...


Thanks for visiting...But please la don't impose on me the responsibility of having to run this blog. It got started some time back just because I needed to have a blog in order to post somewhere or other....

Anyway, what you say about the Islamic State thing is true. I missed that before. indeed considering both the UMNO as well as PAS subscribe towards the Islamic State, we non-Muslims should probably go for the PAS guys! Its the UMNO guys who claim themselves to be Islamic. Spread that message!

At November 21, 2007 at 3:30 PM, Blogger Vijay Kumar said...

Now that was an enjoyable article. Thank you for your observations, oldfart50.

That our nation lives in fear of itself - and that this fear has been propagated by the ruling masses as a means of control - is quite skillfully pointed out by you.

I guess the dual coin of might and right, fear and freedom, are potent political weapons to be used against - rather than for - the masses.

But after over 50 years of unholy matrimony, familiarity does breed contempt.

Please keep up with your posts. Your articles gives a different viewpoint that is refreshing, as I have only recently realized how 'black and white' my vision has been over the years.

At November 21, 2007 at 3:49 PM, Blogger 20 Cent said...

Now that, I must say, was beautifully put.

At November 21, 2007 at 9:37 PM, Blogger dan-yel said...

First time visiting your blog.

What prompt me into visiting your blog was the rationality that you demonstrate when you commented on Eli Wong's entry about Kalimullah.

About May 13 threat? Well, back during the days when I'm still a katak di bawah tempayan, I actually believed that the govt meant nothing more than to ensure racial harmony when they refer to May 13.

Oh, but things were different within the confines of UMNO general meeting. It was racist, it blew my mind. Just when I thought that the govt we have are of a benevolent kind, I saw young leaders like Hishammuddin and the son-in-LAW inciting hatred of "those who threaten Ketuanan Melayu". The inevitable question is, who are these threats? Who else?

They tell us Chinese one, and they tell the Malays completely the opposite. Good old "divide and rule" eh?

At November 23, 2007 at 6:00 PM, Blogger KLConfidential said...

By the way, I was asked to visit your blog by 20 cent. I must say you have a flair for putting 2 and 2 together.

I really like reading your posts. Please continue posting. From your comments on Eli's blog, it seems that you have a lot of useful things to say.

I really appreciate this, thanks.

At November 24, 2007 at 6:21 PM, Blogger Old Fart said...

Thank you 20 Cent KLConfidential and others who think I can write! Now hwat is this getting me into?

At November 24, 2007 at 9:31 PM, Blogger Old Fart said...

Hey, can someone help me here? How do I get your comments to be permanently placed there? It appears like I have still to do something or other. I hate this!!!

At November 25, 2007 at 7:19 AM, Blogger dan-yel said...

I appreciate your unique analysis of the whole affair, from the viewpoint of Indian diaspora. I have linked this passage to my blog entry, "The morning before the Hindraf Rally". Hope you don't mind.

Anyway, applause from me, outstanding article I must say.

At November 26, 2007 at 11:19 AM, Blogger 20 Cent said...

"Thank you 20 Cent KLConfidential and others who think I can write! Now hwat is this getting me into?"

Well, nothing bad, that's for sure :)

"Hey, can someone help me here? How do I get your comments to be permanently placed there? It appears like I have still to do something or other. I hate this!!!"

Not too sure what you're asking for, oldfart50. I'm guessing you mean how you can get all the comments to be joined to the article without needing to click, is that right?

Well, I don't know if I can help, but will ask KLConfidential to come in and have a look.

But could you elaborate on this problem? It's kinda vague, so more clarification would be good.

At November 26, 2007 at 10:20 PM, Blogger Old Fart said...

Well, 20 Cent, + 1, (that's for precious), I kept seeing this "Rubbish Bin" icon beside each comment. But then now its all gone...When I post a comment here it says awaiting Blogger's ...whatever...and yet the comment appears without me doing anything!....I hate this!!!Now you know why I've not blogged...


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