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This is an open invitation to all BN MPs and ADUNS

You are freely invited to leave and abandon the Barisan Party you are a member of to join any one of Party Keadilan Rakyat, Democratic Action Party or PAS (My apologies to PAS. I don't even know what your full name is).

This invitation has only one proviso. That you shed all traits, attributes and properties of the Barisan Nasional Party and its expectations of its members that you belong to. Cleanse yourself and then come in clean unconditionally. You have a lot more to lose sticking around as in 5 years your game will be over!


I would like to first of all appeal to your conscience since I believe that it only took you to suspend it in order to survive your membership with BN in the first place. So you still have it.

You know that it was fraud that had to take place with or without your acknowledge that you are an MP in the first place. Your continued silence only acquiesces that fraud. If I am mistaken here, I do apologise and I retract this statement.

The UMNO led government was all about perpetuating a myth in order that a few will benefit. You may also have benefitted although I do hope for your sake you are not one of those.

The UMNO led Barisan Nasional saw the nation as an athletic race track with each of us classified into our ethnic background slotted in each separate lane. We started the race about 50 years ago with a destination in sight. We are all at various distances along that length with some getting advantages like getting on a buggy to ride whereas others are still running or walking. Even after this massive defeat, they continue to talk like as if the nation remains on that athletic track, each on their own lane.

8th March 2008, the people saw themselves as thin threads of different colours and strength. But along the walk to the polling booth, they weaved together into a very strongly bonded rope. The rope being stronger than the sum of the strength of the individual threads. The interweaving colours giving colour and a shine and a light that gives far greater value to each and every thread in the rope than the individual value of the thread itself.

Yes, you are on that single lane in an athletic track. Whereas we are threads that have weaved into a multi-coloured rope.

Can't you see? You are like a thread moving along that lane. We are now a rope, on the other hand, and have taken over the entire track and there is but just one lane!

Join us and make the rope stronger yet.

Badawi, your so called leader, who has led you into this storm says he will still remain the Prime Minister BECAUSE he has the support of UMNO members.

Now, is he the Prime Minister of the nation or is he the prime minister of just UMNO members?

Yes he sees ardent supporters who will insist and cry if he even considers letting go. But look at these supporters and who exactly are they? Are they the UMNO war lords who most benefit financially from the perpetuation of UMNO's world?

You may think I am presumptious. That in 5 years all will return to being the same.

Just consider!!

You are being led by a guy who studied Islamic Civilisation or something. All of you basically cannot summon enough courage to stand up and talk to a bunch of bloggers let alone the new MPs and ADUNS you are going to confront. Just compare your qualifications, careers, ability to talk, debate and carry out a discourse. You will all be completely drowned out by even the youngest rookie. The only thing that will keep you going is Nazri standing up and pointing fingures shouting and sreaming angrily "Racist and Kekauman" 41 times. All I can say now is save yourself or forever be condemned as your kampung's idiot.

You cannot even write a decent sentence to save your lives. The rookies in Parliament and State Assemblies can, not only write legislations, they can also tear them apart when your Attorney General writes for you to present and that you basically will never understand anyway. After all you only read.

You promised your constituents that you will talk on their behalf. Oh really? Sothinathan and that other MIC guy got a whipping when they tried. So stop fooling yourselves. MCA guys are only trained ass lickers. At least Gerakan saw one or two who would speak. They probably got a away because they were not MIC. As UMNO MPs you basically need to only say sokong to everything and to scream and shout when the opposition member talks. Can you see how low down UMNO has led you to become? You can save yourself now! Do it before it is all over. History will treat you kindly.

Look at the people on the opposition bench. Take a hard look. In 5 years you will be there and they will be where you are. Why? Do I even have to say it? You just need to be a no brainer to be where you are. Just the lady MPs alone will eat you up for breakfast leaving no bones for the men who come a little later.

Its a new ERA. You can fight it or you can be part of it. Your call.

If you cannot make up your mind, do it for selfish reasons then.

Badawi will not last long. Najib has the best opportunity now to get rid of him to become your leader. But don't believe Tun Mahathir and think for one moment that Najib is going to be any better. In any case you are going to see only battles raging within UMNO. UMNO is basically finished. It will self implode.

Reason it for yourself. With all this infighting that UMNO is going to be in, this is inevitable. They will be ruining the country. Let them do the fighting while not running the country as well. If you guys got out now and joined any of PKR, DAP, or PAS, the Barisan Rakyat that has committed itself to the Peoples' Declaration issued by The Peoples' Parliament will at the very least be able to acquire a simple majority and take over the running of the country. The country can be saved from the next 5 years of hell that UMNO is going to lead us all into.

You may be comforting yourself that this tsunamic change in fortunes might have erupted out of an emotional response to any number of issues. That this is just a swing of the pendalum. Fact is there is frustration with the structures that have defined their lives and the strictures placed on them whether consciously or otherwise.

Your people may not be buying your stories any more. They may not be your stories, they could be other peoples' stories you have been made to repeat.

You may think that this is all about individual leaders who have overstayed their welcome. Is it really that simple?

There are possibly other more relevant reasons that others can add to this. I am going to stop here.

Once again BN MPs and ADUNs are invited to abandon their sinking ship to join the force that is moving the country to a new era. PKR, DAP, PAS.

Only 30 of you are needed to cross over. Who will be the first?


I AM NOT A MEMBER OF ANY POLITICAL PARTY AND NEVER WILL BE! (But then again, some people do remind me, never say never).


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you are a stupid man


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