Monday, September 22, 2008


Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim told a forum on integrity held at the Institut Integrity Malaysia yesterday, politicians are to blame for the country’s deteriorating race relations. Racial politics were souring relations, he said.

Social anthropologist Sarjit S. Gill said politicians today were to blame for the increasing rift between the races at the same forum

I am afraid I have to disagree with that statement. Maybe its just plain English misused when the good speaker may have really wanted to say something else.

I have no qualms in saying that today there is greater unity amongst races and less hostility. There is less worry if one needs to go into areas settled by another race. No worries starting up conversations with just about anyone in carrying on of our business

What these speakers said is just one of the stanzas of the UMNO mantra that is repeated over and over again so that there is this sense of hostility created in our minds that is artificial and not real.

But that provides the assumptions or the ingredients necessary for UMNO to perpetuate itself.


Malays have the propensity to running amuk. so the rest of us should defer to that threat.

Malays are the supreme race.

Malays have rights

Malays have privileges and these cannot be spoken against. So the rest of us are supposed to shut up.

Malays need protection from the rest of us the demons. It is the goal of the demons to grab every thing. The Malay cannot on his own defend his position. The Malay will disintegrate.

UMNO is the one holding them all together and getting them to climb the ladder little at a time.

UMNO is the protector of the Malays


Hey, wonderful mantra isn't it? Many actually believe this bullshit. But it has been useful in giving UMNO its raison de tre all these years. Beyond this mantra, UMNO has hardly had much of a political philosophy to talk about. It had the rich UMNOPutras eating out of its hands and the rest of the Malay populace praising them in worship.

But fact is, decent Malays who know better feel embarassed by this. They know what these mantras are meant for.

Finally, the Malays only need to see a little further from our coasts to which Malays have gone decades or hundreds of years ago.

You have the Cape Malays, The Sri Lankan Malays, The Singapore Malays. All of them continue to identify theselves as Malays. They still practice their culture and religion despite being minorities. The older generation still remembers the language.
Best part of it. They call themselves Malays. Better stil they don't have UMNO protecting them. And you would have thought UMNO is there to defend the Malays.

There are Indonesians who were brought over as a kid in 1946 and soon forget their roots completely in less than a generation. Just look at Khir Toyo. Why? Because being Malay is easy. Can fool the genuine ones very easily. And most importantly very profitable too. Just look at Mahathir. Half Indian but never openly says it. He has to be Malay!! Useful and convenient isn't it? Ask half the UMNO supreme council members and you will encounter the same thing. Guys and gals who have denied their own heritage to "become" Malay.

Strangely there is no Malay in Malaysia who identifies himself as Indonesian. But hey, in Australia and New Zealand you come across a lot of Indonesian migrants who till today say they are Indonesian in origin. But strangely when they go over to Malaysia, except for those new ones, they call themselves Malay! Certainlythey have taken teh Malays for a nice long ride alright.

Hey, if the Malay in Cape Town and the Malay in Sri Lanka and Singapore to this day identifies himself as Malay, how come these Indons and Mamaks who came over hardly a generation ago rather be called and identified as Malay? So who really has been taken for a ride? Who has been victimised?

No sir, if anyone sees racial strive, it is not at all with the genuine Malays who have nothing to hide about themselves and everything to be proud of. It is the pseudo political Malays who have a great big problem. To them the so called racial strive is needed. To genuine Malaysians there is nothing to feel hostile about our neighbours. Just the usual crap which has nothing to do with cultural or religious differences.

By repeating that mantra even those opposed to UMNO just give it validity. Can we please stop giving validity and accredition to UMNO's mantras !

Indeed there is no racial strive and there is no racial discord. That which is spoken of is a picture UMNO and its other racist partners conjure to provide the necessary impetus for perpetuation of their laws and rules of conduct.