Monday, January 31, 2005

Virgin at 50!

Is this blogging scene for me? No agendas. No purpose whatsoever. And here I am typng out something not knowing if this is going to be the first and the last.

Yes, I have been following other blogs. Political, personal, motivational, religious, old guys, young girls, just name it. I like the satirists, especially those laced with some amount of erotica. But then I too am fascinated by the religious dialogue as well. Hey, I am opinionated alright. Can be a real prick when I lock into some viewpoint that requires a few turns in logic and a suspension of common sense before you can begin to see it my way. Most often nobody wants to take that journey with usual I am left all alone!

Hey, if ever anyone comes here, please put in a rude word so that I will not take this accidental registration of myself as a blogger no further than this first posting. Blame it on this cutie pie from Singapore who thinks she can dish off anything that crosses her mind. You'll find her at I have to agree she is refreshing. She's a darling even. And all that I wanted to do was to put in my two cents worth in her comments..and I suddenly find myself having to become a blogger...and not knowing where I was going...I suddenly find hey, I got my own blog! And I don't even know how to import photographs...and what not. I don't even know if I can get my profile up...and I am also useless with computers. Hey...girl you better keep me sufficiently motivated so that I can continue with this...Otherwise this is really no more than a moment of madness!