Friday, February 12, 2010

The Allah Issue, Theocratic Incumbance or Political Opportunism?

If any confusion has come up it is the UMNO's desperate attempt at trying to position itself above PAS as the "protector of Islam". They did so this way back in the 1980s when they first allowed the State religious councils to enact fatwas that had greater value as a measure of protection of the religion that prior to this was not even considered a measure, an issue or a problem. It was really not even an opportunity for opportunists to put a dent into Islam.

That there was confusion was no more than a lie as there is absolutely no way to prove confusion as, to the credit of the Malay from centuries past, the Malay has not abandoned his religion even though they may have migrated to Christian dominated countries like South Africa or Buddhist/Hindu dominated countries like Sri Lanka.

But it was a useful measure that was created out of nothing. Being able to stop Christians using Allah in their worship would be evidence of their dominance over non-Muslims. Would show superiority. Would show the non-Muslims to be subordinate to the Muslims and so on. In that sense, UMNO would have done more to elevate the Muslims' sense of superiority. If not pointed out like the way it has been done, it would not have been a bone of contention. Just like the snot that sticks out of one's nostril, it is not a bother, nor something to feel embarrassed about unless and until someone points it out to you. But in this case, it is in fact and would be in fact a nuisance and one having a diminishing influence over you. However, with Allah, Indonesians have always known the use of that name by Christians. After all its printed in bold and huge letters and banners on church walls for show to the public. The Indonesian, who some here think, are only good for labourious work and being illiterate maids, certainly are not confused.

Then how come the Peninsula based Malaysian Malays are uniquely alone in being confused? How come, as it would seem, even our Council of Rulers appear confused?

No sirree. Its not about confusion. No one is confused. But it is a useful yardstick. It is a useful measure. It is a yardstick that did not exist. It is not even a yardstick with any other racial sector or national sector of the Islamic Ummah. So they created this as a yardstick to be pointed out as measure of their will and their ability to show superiority. To show Ketuanan. To show that this is also a yardstick and a measure of a Muslim's duty to defend Islam. To defend the Prophet. To defend the Ummah. And only UMNO can do it. After all the Malays have not really been part of the development of Islam nor the spread of Islam. They have only been consumers. Within the Muslim Ummah they needed to upgrade. To be seen as real defenders of Islam. Like to be part of the Crusades of a thousand years ago. And by doing this they can feel that they have upgraded from just being consumers to becoming producers. And UMNO did it. UMNO has done this for Islam and for the Malay race. They are the real defenders of Islam and not PAS. And they are the ones who took the Malay race on this upward spiral.

What is sad is Allah has been misused here. He has been used more for political rather than a real theocratic reason. A non-issue has been cast as a trophy to be fought over. If Allah was the name of or the word for God, it has become a trophy. A trophy that many Malays have been led to believe that belongs to only them to hold on to. A trophy that only they can use, see, and worship. It was never a trophy before. He was real. And they knew the difference. So what if non-Muslims too used Allah in their worship?

Only UMNO has something to gain from this issue. I see the Rulers as being forced to see this like the way UMNO wants them to see it as well. At the end of the day, yes they get overall approval for what they did. Creating snow out of cotton and making everyone believe that it is snow. Congratulations UMNO!! You have just pissed off the cotton pickers!