Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Mainstream Media forgot its charter and got guided completely by Joseph Goebels in the run up to the elections. Joseph Goebels would have been proud of the NST, The STar, The Sun, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Makkal Osai, Tamil Nesan, Nanban, RTM, TV3 NTV7, TV8 and 9 and what ever other means by which the BN got its story out.

MSM stole the show indeed in showing to the world how a propaganda machinery should be run. Obviously they will not apologise for their mistakes. Indeed they were even, I dare say, operating contrary to the linceses under which they operate. Which means news.

I have one suggestion. Of course this assumes that in 5 years BN will have lost out to Barisan Rakyat and Barisan Rakyat for a start will rule on a simple majority. Which means they can use the laws in place. Now employing these laws they can immediately cancel the licences of all these MSM as they would have failed the conditions of the license.

My recommendation is that the owners of these newspapers can be told that the license will be sold then for RM1 to anyone who proves that they indeed are more worthy as news publishers and broadcasters. That would be fair. The previous owners can hold on to their business premises and plant and machinery and employees and wait forever for a license or they can do a fire sale of evreything, lock, stock and barrel for, o.k. la, Give them RM2, for it to the new license holders.

The staff will not necessarily have to suffer. They will all be reemployed. Of course the champion ass lickers would have to go.

I think Malaysiakini ought to get ready for this occassion! no point starting a print newspaper now. Jsut wait, and they will get all of this on a fire sale!


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