Wednesday, March 12, 2008

BN's Track Vs BR's Rope

Its analysis time. Everyone is promising to, for the umpteenth time, going down to grass roots to find out what happened. The MCA has got its post mortem. MIC has got its. UMNO is still grapling over its analysis and post mortems. Bit of a laugh actually as they all seem still very much trapped in their own rigid make-up. They just cannot seem to look from out of the box.

I believe instead of going back to the roots, where they will not get any real answers, they, for the first time, should start reading blogs from, o.k. lets pity them a bit, about a year ago. All of our postings and comments are archived anyway, and the collective intelligence of the blogging community, comentators and the grass roots are expressed in so many ways and available freely to them.

For their election strategies as to what to tell the people, they should have relied on blogs to find out exactly what to say. But I guess all these very important people like the sound of their own voices better and preferred to rely on mainstream media.

As someone who supports the Barisan Rakyat and the Peoples' Parliament movement, indeed I like to thank mainstream media for helping heap so much rubbish on all of us in the weeks leading to the General Elections that the stink was just unbearable. Barisan Nasional's enemy No.1 was, is and continues to be Mainstream Media. This is one good reason to get rid of the Printing Press and Publications Act. They may, for once, tell the Barisan Nasional People the truth. As to the meaning of "truth", I advise they check up Wikipedia.

Now for my own interpretation of what happened.

What happened started over 50 years ago when the Alliance of UMNO, MCA and MIC was formed. They set themselves on the same starting point reaching out to a common destination.
But they set themselves on seperate lanes on a track with each going at their own pace like as if they were on an athletic's track.

They saw the nation and they continue to see the people like as if we still remain in our own lanes on that track and like as if it is ordained that each of our communities remain within our own assigned lanes on that track. Given that to be so, the formulations for leadership, governance, conduct of civil society was presupposed to support that track. The fact that they do not see any difference is further affirmed by the individual parties within the BN as well as collectively by the BN when they speak about reinventing or restructuring themselves.

Even now, when speaking of forming the cabinet, the over-rinding insistence is the make up of it with "representation" of the seperate communities predominating its formation.

My attitude is, if that is what they believe, then just do so and continue on that track and support it from the separated lanes that they all are running in. They are welcome to support that structure that has finally let them down.

What Happened on March 8, 2008!

For me, I guess my first experience of what was happening was when I was at the BERSIH Rally on the 10th November. The word I used to describe in a comment somewhere was, cohesion. This word is now used by Anwar Ibrahim himself to explain how it happened.

I warned UMNO then, and once again after HINDRAF's 25th November Rally. I warned that BERSIH was more potent than HINDRAF as those present at BERSIH experienced first hand the cohesion and the sense of elation stemming from it.

But I guess they were the ruling ones and it was their interpretation and definitions and labels that mattered. They actually believed it when the MSM ran with it as well. The MSM could have, but they failed to tell UMNO that they got their definitions wrong. They could have, but failed to tell UMNO that HINDRAF had nothing to do with terrorism. It really makes me wonder if some shenanigan within MSM was doing all this to purposely undermine UMNO and Barisan Nasional. But that is fine with me. After all they were taking me and the rest of us Malaysians down the tube anyway.

From Threads Weaved Into Ropes

Yes, we recognise that we were all on our own separate lanes bonded at our boundary lines. We were uncomfortable, most of us. However, maybe unknowingly to us, as this was surely not premeditated, we found ourselves to be like individual threads of different strengths, make-up, colour and orientation walking along the the lanes on the track laid out by the BN. Going towards the polling booth we began to cross over and weave together to form a rope of multi-coloured threads of different strengths and properties. We became one.

A multi-coloured rope is certainly stronger than the cumulative sum of the strengths of the individual thread. The colours weaving around one another accentuates its beauty more than when it was coiled around itself.

Maybe some in there are stronger than the other, but interleaved with the other and supporting the weaker, it gets even stronger, and in the meantime allowing the weaker to grow with it.

That is what we as a nation have become. That is what I see.

Politics of BN Vs Politics of BR

BN presents to you the politics of the athletic's race track with each of us in our own seperate lane. The only comfort is we are bonded at the boundary lines. All their promises for the future. All their promises of a restructuring. All their perspectives does not allow them to see anything beyond this race track.

BR shows you as multi-coloured threads walking together and then seamlessly merging and weaving to become a solid strong rope. In that rope you find the thread that you contributed now is stronger than when it was before getting weaved into that rope. As part of a rope you
imediately see your value increase over the value that you were when you were just a thread.

In that rope, you find your colour accentuated, shining bright against all the other colours and not only that, you bring out the best in the colour of the others too.

So I give you: BARISAN NASIONAL's You in your own lane on the race track

OR You may choose to be part of BARISAN RAKYAT's ROPE!


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Well written and reflect what most of us feel and hope for.


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