Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baiting The Malays!

UMNO leaders, if they want, can disenfranchise all non-Malays of their voting rights. Preserving voting rights and participation in the administration and the governance to only the Malays. They have the force of guns in their hands to achieve this.

Does that ensure for the UMNO leaders complete access to the loot? No!

Because even with the seeming need for Malay unity, there never will. UMNO leaders will find opposition from within their own race and religion. After all, if indeed there was such a thing as Malay or Islamic unity in any section of the Malay community, can one see it in that congregation of people who are championing this now within UMNO itself? After all UMNO is an all Malay and all Muslim party. If really they are that united, we would not see them literally killing one another within that party itself. It is thanks to the existence of PAS and PKR that they even appear united in some form or other.

Let us get one thing straight. UMNO did not need Malay unity before 8 March 2008. What effort did they put into getting anywhere close to what they are suggesting now about Malay Unity? "Malay Unity" as they define it would have been inconvenient to a majority of the UMNO leaders and warlords as then you will have many hollier than thou Islamists from PAS who might be dictating how, where and what. If they were willing to give away the Selangor Menteri Besar's position as well as the Deputy Menteri Besar's position to PAS despite PAS having only 8 State seats to UMNO's 18 if only PAS joined UMNO in forming the Selangor State Government, does it also mean that they would have been willing to hand over the Premiership as well as that of UMNO's leadership too? Indeed very generous of them. But surely!

Fact of the matter is Malay and Islamic Unity as they keep drumming right now was ever needed now as it was before 8 March. But that would have been inconvenient as the loot may have to be divided into many more smaller parts and there is no guarantee that the present beneficieries would necessarily gain from it. Somehow, if this Unity they are talking about had existed before the last elections, I wonder if Zakaria Deros of the infamous Pandamaran Palace might just still be alive today.

Malay Unity was never needed when UMNO was secure in the thought that the non-Malay voters would be with them and vote UMNO. That they voted PAS this time, unfortunately and very sadly it would seem like many in PAS may have so quickly forgotten.

Just as UMNO realises their injustice done to the Chinese and Indian communities and hence their abandonment of UMNO, PAS should realise that if they have many more seats today it is thanks to the Chinese and the Indian votes which otherwise would have gone to the UMNO Malay. WE all can rest assured UMNO would be coming around to lick Chinese and Indian ass come the next elections. When that happens PAS will very quickly learn a bitter lesson to not muck around with the non-Malay and non-Muslim vote. Sadly there are ungrateful idiots in PAS too. So what if they have Islamic credentials. That they are idiots has nothing to do with their piety nor their diligence in their commitment to everything Islamic.

Even if in an environment where only the Malays had rights to vote and govern and administer and they decided that only one political party was necessary, UMNO, there will be divisions and fights for the position of President and all the way down to Division chiefs, branch chiefs and branch exco-members. Maybe history would have thought them to avoid being aides to anyone though.

Therefore, you find that even this is no good for the UMNO leaders as they know that if they are leader today and very powerful at that too, it is only because another fellow Malay who is a lot better than he is the leader in PKR or PAS. So no thank you. We can do without the competition.

Just imagine if every Malay was hunky dory and lovey dovey with one another, you think Najib will be Deputy President of UMNO? You think Abdullah Badawi would be President of UMNO and Prime Minister too? Maybe Razaleigh would be. Or maybe Anwar Ibrahim or Azmin Ali or Nik Aziz maybe. And what about Hadi Awang? Khir Toyo would be reminded that he is no more than a Pendatang himself and probably he'd be looking down somebody's throat right now instead of reading this.

PAS have got to be bloody fools if they feel they are getting a hard on over UMNO's seduction. Of course they like to give their meetings Arabic names that make it sound oh so sacred. Muzakarah one says and now after a confrontation with Nik Aziz he says Muzakarah is not allowed but they can have Muqabalah. Words I have never heard before. But from how it sounds to me, it would seem like seduction is not allowed but flirtation is. It is alright to flirt in public. But as most of us know, seduction happens behind close doors and more often than not you really don't want people to know what happens.

UMNO is just a bloody platform for individuals motivated by greed for money and power. UMNO has no political philosophy to talk of. Other than wanting to be protectors of the Malay race what political philosophy can they talk of? Nothing! They just know that they want to be a supremist race. Well, Hitler was the last to call for a supremist race. Who amongst the Malay race want to stand up alongside Hitler in this call? Or are all Malays very much like and in secret in adoration of Adolf Hitler? .

But as Haris has reminded me, it is the Chinese and the Indians who are to blame for continuing to give UMNO the power to say and do anything and everything.

Now we see the MCA and MIC and Gerakan saying stupid things so that they can convince their UMNO masters that they are the better ass lickers.

So UMNO is trying so hard to define everything that is happening. They say the call for Malay unity is not racist. If so, then why did they not make the same call before 8 March? Then we could have just one all Malay party on the one side and DAP, MCA, MIC and Gerakan in the Peninsula and the rest in Sabah and Sarawak on the other.

Of course now they tempt the PAS guys with all kinds of seduction. But just imagine they take the bait. Maybe they will ask for Deputy Premiership for themselves. You think Najib will want that? No doubt he is increasingly looking like Mo of The Three Stooges, but surely even Mo is not that stupid.

No, this so called Malay Unity, Malay rights Malay supremacy is all for ensuring the Pakatan Rakyat falls apart. This needs to fall apart so that the leaders in UMNO can continue with their raid on the nation's treasures. This is all that is important for UMNO.

Already they have shown that there is really no love for the race nor the country. With more than just a nail biting majority they can easily rule and do more for the country. Instead they spend more time politicking and they probably know more about how a 60 year old guy with a bad back would go about sodomising a young 23 year old male than all the writers you would find in

Question the people ought to ask is, what anything at all UMNO is trying to do or say is attempting to achieve? Who gains? Who looses?

All that UMNO has been doing is working overtime in trying to get Malays to be united in seeing the non-Malays and the non-Muslims as enemies and demons and as competitors to their space and their rights. Really?

Hey, you guys, just ask yourself, if you are in need of a doctor or a lawyer, do you really use as a criteria, the race of the person before you go to see him? On the last two occasions when I had to see a specialist, one for myself and the other a the son of a foreign couple who were both doctors on holiday here, I saw specialists who were Malays upon the recommendation of my family doctor, an Indian. Did I have a problem about it? No. Was I happy with their service and treatment? Yes. Infact my foreign friends were so pleased that they even commented about the doctor's competence. And I was proud!! And that doctor was a Malay.

But UMNO would have you believe that such emotions are not possible. UMNO would have you believe that we are like oil and water and therefore cannot mix. Maybe they have not heard of homogenisers. Oil and water can actually be made to mix.

No. the demons for the Malay race can be found from amongst them. They come in the shape of UMNO. They, like a pendulum, use race when that is convenient and they will use their Islamic religion when that comes in handy. They kick Islam about a whole lot more than you've probably seen David Beckham kicking the football in all the games you have seen him play. Of course if they want to, they will make this statement of mine as belittling Islam and want to take me out too. But am I?

Fact of the matter is Bangsa Malaysia is taking hold. I was out about town on Sunday at singer Dayang Nurhafizah's Birthday party with a bunch of young Malay friends of mine. And we had a wonderful time together. They were friends. Girls and a guy. They were friends. Can anyone in UMNO understand what I am saying? Hey, I enjoyed myself in the company of a handful of Malay girls and guys in a place that was filled to the brim with young Malay fans of Dayang. And I enjoyed myself. Did I feel frightened for one minute? What the hell are you talking about?

This I only read after making this post. But please go to this link and read what is happening in PAS. I reckon this further supports some of what I have written here. (


At September 1, 2008 at 9:16 PM, Anonymous kay said...

somethin to ponder..about the racism in MSIA..and on cyberspace...
Hey Ms/mr meenachi n Rasta, how long the support for hindraf gonna last? Jokers who are not capable of being someone so blindly..that one wonders you guys got a backbone or sorts..
wow, even god comes down n says Waytha is wrong..u guys would punish god!..see wat i mean..blind devotion without essential substance to back it another word...stupid.

Anyways, do enjoy reading this link...Malays & Racism..ought to love it....

At September 15, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Blogger Zaharan Razak said...

Hi Oaf,

Been quite some time since you left your paw print at my blog, zveloyak. Quite a few interesting entries there lately. If I may humbly invite you over, the one on Bill Maher and Malay hysteria may not kill you but may keel you over ... haha.


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